Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Siebengebirge Youth Exchange and Camp

Siebengebirge Youth Exchange and Camp

I sincerely say that my experience in Siebengebirge was a total blast. Words are not enough to describe how much I gained from this experience. I guess I can state that not only did I enjoy the scenic adventures in Deutschland but moreover I met people of different countries who taught me a lot about the importance of history, cultural exchange, liberty and friendship.

Most Asians like me have to acknowledge the fact that we are somewhat isolated in terms of European History and events, which makes it more interesting for us to listen and take advantage of the youth camp activities. The opportunity to learn more about Deutschland is an eye opener for us to learn the basics of European History, culture, places and happenings—as many would say it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore, it’s not only the place that made the camp so special and memorable, more the less the bond, companionship and friendship with my co-camp participants deserve the credit. I know that all of us made the worst and best of who we are, yet, we managed to enjoy what’s laid in front of us. What’s truly out of the ordinary was that in such a little time we started to care for each other, we have to look at each others back in times of confusion and predicaments. Though I can honestly say that the group wasn’t as solid as we wanted it to be, at least we learned how to control ourselves to prevent further chaos and distractions. All the things that took placed between all of us was an event to remember. All of us where unique and our individualities pushed us to know more about other people and their way of life. Friendships were formed based not only by our similarities but also because of our indifferences. The friendship that I found most especially to those whom I shared most of the inside jokes will surely remain in my heart for as long as I live.

I had to admit that my experience at the camp made me realize that I was still a kid who’s too dependent to her family, boxed out and naïve of what is happening to the rest of the world. In the span of almost a month specifically for the last 2 weeks, I knew something within me changed, I grew up perhaps not in inches but with a lot of knowledge, wisdom and courage to face the world on my own. This camp did not only allow me to become a better and more mature person, but it also pushed me to learn and explore more.

So much fun—so little time. It breaks my heart that we only had a very limited to spend together, but it is surely a fact that every single thing and event that took place at the camp will be forever in my heart. In Germany I never felt like an Auslander, it feels like home to be there. Es was eine sehr schone Reise. Ich will zuruck, Ich Liebe Deutschland.

P.S... OFCOURSE Vielen Dank to the camp leaders who were really good, persistent
and patient with us, to Daniel and most especially the group’s mommy SOPHIE.
Lastly there’s no camp without a very energetic and youthful Gunter Sandvoss who
made everything possible at the tip of our hands. It’s a pleadure to meet you
Mr. Sandvoss, I’ll make it a vow that I come back to your country.

A Summer Feeling

May 28, 2008

Before someone else exaggerates my summer story I’ll take the risk and hopefully it ends here. Hopeless romantic as many would say I am I guess I deserve the right to speak my side of the story.

More than a month ago, a friend of mine wrote a blog entitled “A SUMMER FLING”. Obviously, my picture placed as an example, I was sure that she was hitting me right in the face. I found the blog funny actually, but deep inside I was eager to do something to disprove such description. I’m usually challenged by such kind of shaggy dog stories. Yet, as much as I wanted to ‘counterblog’ her writing, the right words and reasons just won’t slip in. I waited for good things, for good signs to eventually take place but it never came. I did not want that special “thing” to end up being called just a summer fling.

(In Dana’s language)
I admit I am not as smooth as others would do it. It would actually take some time to finally get there. Sometimes getting there means someone else has to do it for me. I am not good with this thing, in fact, little do I know on the steps and procedures. All I was sure of was that there was a tingling feeling between the two of us (irregardless if it’s mutual or not). Only a few people knows the real story behind (well my side of the story that is), and some of them were pushing me to go for it, yet most were disproving just the mere thought of it. I was done with that ‘thing’ a long time ago, and I think that’s what makes the story more extraordinary, for a person to in fact change my point of view. Getting there and standing firm on your feelings is not as hard as I would imagine, it’s actually easy, yet the only thing that makes things complicated is when there are other people involved, and if the other party never really gave you a vivid description of what you are and what you should do.

I’m close to giving up…………………

Until one day, unexpectedly, when the night was darker than the usual, a miracle happened. God gave me the sign I’ve been waiting for the longest time. Just when I thought things will now move into progress, I was disenchanted. When God gave me what I asked for, I realized that I don’t want it anymore. I recognized a bigger message from God, that not all things that make you feel good are good for you, or will forever be good for you. In the Cinderella story the shoes was really beautiful and it looks so good, yet it only fits one person. I guess this time that shoe doesn’t fit me, and I may not look good on it either.
I never really thought that there’s such thing as a SUMMER FLING. However, today I feel like compatible to it. Some things are good, but it may not look good on me. This is my summer story, an arguable “SUMMER FLING”, I say not, it was a SUMMER FEELING, a feeling that lasts today.



May 23, 2008


Last week the Multi District 301 Leo Philippines Convention took place in Baguio City. It was indeed a fantastic and a breathtaking experience to eventually meet and bond with our fellow Leos. Once in a while it feels really good that you belong to a certain party where your visions are strident and you know that you have people who share same sentiments as you do. I was happy to see a massive number of delegates from all over the country, more the less, seeing alpha Leos (9 years old-16 years old) joining the convention was certainly spectacular.

“BE THE CHANGE”—is the theme for this LY08-09. I guess it speaks for itself. As many of us agreed, Change is inevitable, avoiding it makes you stagnant, and it makes you lose your sense of purpose and living. Change is the only permanent thing in this world so grab it or leave it; you really don’t have any choice. However, there are also different aspects of ‘change’, you can either adapt to changes or be the change. I suppose this is where we LEOS become different; we are bound to be the change, to be the forefront and leaders of improvement. We do not allow ourselves to be puppets of change, but rather we ignite it. As I’ve always believed, improvements and amendments should not be grounded by circumstances, but instead by our dispositions. Change is everywhere, but only a few takes the risk and leads the world, only a few have the courage to carry the world on their shoulders, I am glad I am a LEO because I know with them, I BECOME ONE OF THOSE FEW.

By Corey Smith
Open your eyes up people, and take a good look around, Catch the tears fillin’ up all those cracks in the ground. Turn off you televisions; leave your picture perfect neighborhoods A lot of folks out there ain’t doing so good, To many of us left out in the cold No invitations given, no welcome mats unrolled, But you can, be the change you wanna see. Be the hope to those whose lives are far from easy. Reach out and lend a hand, share everything you can, And be the change, be the change. Carry the world on your shoulders, for a little while, Put on someone else shoes, and walk around. So many cups a runneth over, while so many goin dry The grass ain’t always green on the other side. There’s still a lot of work to be done, A lot of wrongs to right, a lot of battles to be won. If you can be the change you wanna see, Be the hope to those who lives are far from easy. Reach out and lend a hand, share everything you can, And be the change, be the change. Reach out and lend a hand, share everything you can And be the change, be the change. Be the change. Be the change. Be the change

A wonderful person.

To a friend who thought me how flowers bloom during winter.

A wonderful person.
At first glance she’s nothing.
I hate that she wore heavy make up.
I hate that she dressed a little ‘more less’.
I didn’t like her, but I did not hate her.

She laugh her lungs out
She speaks with boomingly high volume.
She’s got this extra length of eye lashes
And she can put drunkards to ground.

Some say she’s as good as economical
Many liked her I see no argument,
she’s physically irresistible.
She surely knocks people out with a smile.

By the time I heard her speak
I realized how prejudice it was on my part.
I realized that make-ups speak for the name.
Cover ups.

By the time she spoke of her family
I felt naïve
I realized a little more 'less’ clothes
was beseeching for some attention.

By the time she spoke of her lover
I felt arctic
I realized why she spoke in high volume,
She was crying for comfort.

She spoke with transparency,
She spoke with veracity,
She spoke without bearing,
But she spoke with decency.

I cannot believe how I saw her in a very shallow manner,
I cannot believe how she became exactly the opposite,
I admit she is beautiful, but not the extraordinary.
Hear her speak, and then later realize that she’s stunningly sensible.

I dispute that some say she’s economical
She’s more than what our eyes can see,
Just someone who’s making a loud plea,
Someone beating life’s improbability.

I despise my first impressions of her,
She’s not physically extraordinary,
She’s sensibly astonishing.
In fact, she’s one of the most wonderful people who came across.