Friday, January 1, 2010



1. More Optimism—Less to NO Pessimism
2. More Money—Less ‘Extensive’ Shopping
3. More Coffee and Water—Less Alcohol
4. More Books—Less Facebook
5. More of Philippines—Less of America
6. More Savings. More Investment—Less UNNECESSARY SPENDING
7. More Travels—Less Nightouts
8. More GYM. MORE WORKOUTS—Less Eating
9. More PLANS—Less ‘Come what Mays’
10. More dates—Less to noMORE ComFort Rooms


1. Start a Business (1 out of 10 and counting)
2. Set up a studio
3. Help Expand SMPH
4. DECIDE if its LAW, MBA or Both
5. Get a car by hook or by crook
6. Renovate and Redesign Bedroom and Office
7. Learn Taekwondo—Aikido—Arnis and Gun Shooting
8. Level up from Intermediate Deutsche lesson and learn another language
9. More projects and events for Candon and MD301 Leo
10. Master Golf

THINGS TO SAVE FOR on the side (;-/)

2. Apple MAC PRO
3. iPhone 3Gs and Blackberry
4. Nikon S70
7. Nikon D90 or D700
8. Studio Equipments
9. SEPHORA… figuratively
10. A golden retriever or Labrador


1. I hope that for the year 2010 Filipinos would embrace the chance to a better life by exercising the right to vote—and go for a leader who’ll make the Philippines a better place to live not only for themselves but more significantly for the less fortunate Filipinos. I wish that in exercising the right to vote—vote buying be eradicated and ignored to make genuine choices and voices be heard.

2. I hope that whoever wins the 2010 Election would make a name for the country in every possible way so that we don’t only get to enjoy popularity through boxing but to be marked in the international business and economic map as well.

3. I hope that the next leaders of this country would forget about their own personal agendas to allow this country to grow by all means and move forward to a powerful economical growth so that more jobs will be generated—eventually leading every single Filipino off subsistence living. I long that when this day comes, Filipinos will realize that they don’t need be strained to leave the country in search for a much better source of living.

4. I hope that those in and will be in the position will use their leverage to improve things and not use power for terror and domination.

5. I hope that the government will give better benefits for the AFP and PNP including the MMDA so that they’ll learn to use their control to discipline people and not inflict violent authority and or extort money from the people. I hope however that with these benefits uniformed officials will divert their service for the best interest of its people and the good of its country and not maintain their loyalty to whoever is in power—so that at the end of the day crime and violence will be not be out of control.

6. I hope for a highlight in EDUCATION and programs that will allow all Filipinos particularly less income sectors to send their kids to school so that they’ll learn how maximize their wits and talents—so that they’ll know all their rights and not be taken advantage of—so they can teach their parents what they learn in school—and so that someday we’ll have a better pool of leaders who’ll bring hope to the next generation.

7. I hope for more non-government volunteers to step out and fill in the inadequacy of those with titles to continuously bring hope to those in need especially during circumstances that hope and faith are dim.
8. I hope that the ONDOY/PEPENG tragedies as well as AMPATUAN Massacre serve as an eye opener for all Filipinos to consistently guard their rights to a garbage free community. (TRAPO)

9. I hope that each of us realize that this country will not move forward in the hands of the captain alone, hence, a working team would greatly impact progress.

10. I hope that all my hopes be shared and that in my mission to pay it forward I’ll leave a spot for my fellow to hope and dream for a better life not for themselves alone but for all other people.

May the year 2010 be as colorful as the fireworks launched at 00:00. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 … CROSS FINGERS. WISH. So help me God. HAPPY NEW YEAR!