Monday, March 2, 2009

Canopied Destination

Canopied Destination.

Most of the time life offers you an option that you never expected to tag along. These unforeseen opportunities however bid us a kind of living that anybody would die for. Unfortunately, despite the goodness it has to offer, this would mean lying down some dreams and taking the long road.

Life just can’t get any better right now. Things are slowly falling down to its place and the race is just starting. There is only one end, yet, the road to destination branched out into some kind of undetermined finale. A lot would actually take the fast lane. In fact, I’d probably take it too. Conversely, the fast lane is also the safe lane; fast, no risks, no challenges, no danger—it’s safe and easy. This road is just so comfortable and convenient that you tend to enjoy much of it and lose the urge to embrace the beauty of its ending. Some say that in life, the end doesn’t really matter, what matters most is the journey. I disagree. The journey is just half the whole. The end justifies the means. Limiting our growth to the journey forbids us to grow further, we are squared to ignore some important details and we may mess up the whole thing. The journey and destination are equally important. It should benefit each other. Most of us avoid the road less taken; a lot actually ignore a long risky dark road. Majority of humans are bound to opt convenience more than quality, thus, missing out the good things nuisance has to offer.

If taking the rocky less chosen road makes me a part of the minority, then so be it. I am blinded by my destination and if the only way to gain back my sight is going for the long road, then I’d gladly take the chance. As I weigh my options, I realized that challenges and danger is the journey itself. You grow and think for the best results. I may be taking a blind shot all through the way, but I’m pretty sure that rainbow comes on the end of it—I’m not sure how or why, but this is the magic of life and a gift from heaven. Destination is all about the person you became; it’s all about how you struggled to reach the end and lived a life along the way. Life is a series of unfortunate events—pain, problem and blood are part of it, so why avoid it? What do we get from fast lanes? Is there even a journey in it?