Thursday, February 14, 2008

Politics is Policy, Policy is Poltics: Explosives by a Chinese PROMDI

I've been trying to run away from this topic because I feel like everytime government scandals arise, they are all the same, worst they also end up in an identical manner. But since I was asked to write one, might as well share my thoughts..... Pipi, goodluck. ahahaha
Politics is Policy, Policy is Poltics

It is indeed a fact that someone who repeatedly called himself “Simpleng Probinsianong intsik” made it to the newsstand for a week or two. Yes! Rodolfo Noel “JUN” Lozada Jr. became an instant celebrity, or rather, another Filipino Hero. Sadly, I strongly express my grief that this instant hero is not even a full-blooded Juan Dela Cruz. The NBN whistle blower though emotionally and physically sapped showed his strength of character by telling his story and defeating his own fears. Lozada, having the decision to surrender himself before the public and expose an immense scandal like this was never easy. The decision to capitulate in the house of the religious in one way or the other lead to the conversion of heart of this young brave man. He sure laid all his aces in the table and just hoped for the next big thing.

The ZTE-NBN scandal already waived too much attention from the public. However, it is in this expose where people can minimally see how corruption takes place in our country and how we are slowly being diverted to a highly controlled democracy.

My position in this matter was basically hooked up from what I saw on TV. Never the less this did not impede me to see an honest man in Lozada. I was moved by his stories, but he gained my respect when he allegedly admitted that he is not the cleanest man – that at certain point in his life he did things that he strongly regrets, amidst the continuous attack on his credibility by prominently known administration senators. It is also overwhelming to hear such sturdy terms like government procurement (which will in fact be a significant description in government history) and moderate greed. It was only now that I realize that in a government like this, greed is being established in mild moderate severe measures.

The explosives of Jun Lozada surely affected the comfort of Malacanang, never the less, the intensity of the explosion was not brawny enough to disintegrate the walls of the first family. Arroyo’s cabinet members are its frontlines; they always deal with issues and predicaments like this. Unfortunately for us Filipinos, too much loyalty to the first family gives them the power to rule over the law. The alleged kidnapping (not abduction as corrected by Senator Escudero), is nowhere outside the hands of Razon, Atienza and their command center, the Malacanang. Its funny how they were given enough time over the weekend to at least patch up the inconsistencies in the version of their stories, yet, I strongly believe that they made a big bewilderment in the senate investigation.

In fairness there are still a few good men in this government, however, how they are being manipulated is yet to be derived. It is distressing to see that instead of political parties formed through principles it is being grounded by allegiances, loyalty is to brotherhood and not to the country.

In this generation where bright minds are corrupted by ambitions and greed, I feel sad that our last resort is God. I hope and pray that political chaos run away from the eyes of an innocent youth, so that someday we will be able to identify our strengths and capabilities without a trace of a disgraceful government. The progress of this investigation is yet to be seen; never the less I hope and pray that good will triumph over evil.

As Condrado De Qurios said,

Maybe God works in truly mysterious ways, or maybe that’s just the sublime way of things, miracles happening when you least expect it. In Tolkien’s “Lord of the Ring,” it wasn’t the valiant king of men, the swift-footed prince of elves, the last remaining royal descendant of the dwarfs, or the powerful white wizard that put an end to the terrifying, impregnable, and seemingly interminable rule of evil Mordor. It was a most unlikely creature, a short, unimpressive, Hobbit named Frodo. Except that he would be courageous, pure of heart, and would have the power to resist the thoroughly corrupting influence of evil. What can one say?

I guess in the end we only have limited options, hope, wonder, pray, wait for the next big thing and cross our fingers.