Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Healthcare and Politics

Healthcare and Politics

Yes people, there’s politics in every grain of our breakfast cereal.

Less do ordinary people know that politics at health institutions is as extensive as the jueteng state of affairs. Gone are the days that healthcare practitioners consider this industry as noble—unless we’re talking about the dough.

Oh come on give me a break. People will not spend half their millions to medical school without computing the ROI. Except of course if they are the type whose ambitions are confined in a bottle of redhorse served on the streets. (Or yeah, perhaps alo the few whose tuitions were paid on behalf because their cerebral capacity is uncontested)

1.) The TV series ‘Greys Anatomy’ for crap’s sake is not all about the overwhelming medical procedures but the daily politics inside the hospital. There’s an arrogant Chief Resident, HOT but definitely not handsome surgeon, doctor-nurse relationship, labor-management issues, an old and traditional director, drop-dead gay doctor, newbie wannabe, and yes, there has to be some sex-y time. (Excuse us for the green inside jokes, but topics about locked in penis in a vagina are nothing but mundane—so if you find it off and immoral please remind yourself that you’re not in a worship place)

2.) On a [H]ouse perspective, it’s all about the pride and competition. I have never met a DOCTOR QUACK who doesn’t (show signs of) have(ing) ambitions of becoming the next CHIEF consultant or Hospital Director. If I’m wrong and someone can introduce me to a fine young doctor who only wants to cure and not collect a fee—I’d pay him a million. There’s more to health CARE than pure service. If you start paying for your date, feed your family or the other family, finance a grandiose obsession for cars, funding for medical supplies, the ‘few’ non-sense conventions, plus of course recovering medical school investment—service fee will resort to an unbelievable figure. Now you know how professional fees are computed.

3.) At this point I can no longer pull off a TV series that will give a picture of how Irish the Philippine Health Care Delivery system is. Disposing health care budget to the DILG is a diplomatic invitation to corruption. The local government (please ignore this if you’re not guilty) will screen and hold the fund to sustain more potential investments. I may not be the best person to tell what’s best for the money of the province—but one thing’s for sure, it belongs to the people and constituents of the place. If I get admitted at a district hospital at the deepest ends of the suburb, fear of nosocomial infection and tetanus will cause me hypochondriac tendencies more likely. Government hospitals—primary, secondary, or tertiary should be completely equipped with diagnostic machines to somehow delay the death of patients before being transferred to a more class and equipped GOVERNMENT hospital in the city.

Yesterday, I took the liberty to question the director of a district hospital from the neighboring town. He deliberately discussed his repulsion towards the local government’s mandate on healthcare budget. “It’s tough politics up there” he started. Small hospitals, especially those at the barrio will never enjoy the perks of a city hospital. It’s hard that I’m speaking on behalf of the little ones while I’m looking forward to the high stakes of the private sector. Director mentioned that expansion and improvement of the barrio hospital would mean less income at the city. (Why are we talking about income at the first place when supposedly government subsidies are 100% funded). For the record, private concerned individuals end up doing fundraising schemes and pulling out money from their personal accounts just to finance and fill up the incompetency of the government.

4.) How the hell do these little and government owned hospitals pass PHILHEALTH and DOH inspections when shit and blood are dripping faster than water from their faucets. PHAP (Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines) should raise their flag and demand for a fair benchmarking protocol (but then again, that’s politics). People from the private sector are investing all their time and effort to deliver a sound policy that will govern a quality assured healthcare institution—only to find out that the governor’s healthcare seed can get through this accreditations without lifting a finger. (That’s first hand information from the directors office)

5.) PHAP vs PHILHEALTH. Thank you Dr. Rustico Jiminez for voicing out our long due problems with PHILHEALTH. Perhaps, the 5 star hospitals don’t seem to feel the impact of delayed payables because apparently their clients can afford a fine healthcare without the aid of PHILHEALTH. How about the average income hospitals? If payables amounting to half a million are pending, are we allowed to delay our staff’s salary, electric or water bill and medical supplies? Dear PHILHEALTH, your benchmarking rocks and we have no problems submitting to it, but who does your evaluation? My people are consistently munching on my 3in1 coffee just to alert their sanity at 3AM finishing PHILHEALTH reports.

Then we wait for months and months and months to watch pending payables move an inch closer.


Friday, January 1, 2010



1. More Optimism—Less to NO Pessimism
2. More Money—Less ‘Extensive’ Shopping
3. More Coffee and Water—Less Alcohol
4. More Books—Less Facebook
5. More of Philippines—Less of America
6. More Savings. More Investment—Less UNNECESSARY SPENDING
7. More Travels—Less Nightouts
8. More GYM. MORE WORKOUTS—Less Eating
9. More PLANS—Less ‘Come what Mays’
10. More dates—Less to noMORE ComFort Rooms


1. Start a Business (1 out of 10 and counting)
2. Set up a studio
3. Help Expand SMPH
4. DECIDE if its LAW, MBA or Both
5. Get a car by hook or by crook
6. Renovate and Redesign Bedroom and Office
7. Learn Taekwondo—Aikido—Arnis and Gun Shooting
8. Level up from Intermediate Deutsche lesson and learn another language
9. More projects and events for Candon and MD301 Leo
10. Master Golf

THINGS TO SAVE FOR on the side (;-/)

2. Apple MAC PRO
3. iPhone 3Gs and Blackberry
4. Nikon S70
7. Nikon D90 or D700
8. Studio Equipments
9. SEPHORA… figuratively
10. A golden retriever or Labrador


1. I hope that for the year 2010 Filipinos would embrace the chance to a better life by exercising the right to vote—and go for a leader who’ll make the Philippines a better place to live not only for themselves but more significantly for the less fortunate Filipinos. I wish that in exercising the right to vote—vote buying be eradicated and ignored to make genuine choices and voices be heard.

2. I hope that whoever wins the 2010 Election would make a name for the country in every possible way so that we don’t only get to enjoy popularity through boxing but to be marked in the international business and economic map as well.

3. I hope that the next leaders of this country would forget about their own personal agendas to allow this country to grow by all means and move forward to a powerful economical growth so that more jobs will be generated—eventually leading every single Filipino off subsistence living. I long that when this day comes, Filipinos will realize that they don’t need be strained to leave the country in search for a much better source of living.

4. I hope that those in and will be in the position will use their leverage to improve things and not use power for terror and domination.

5. I hope that the government will give better benefits for the AFP and PNP including the MMDA so that they’ll learn to use their control to discipline people and not inflict violent authority and or extort money from the people. I hope however that with these benefits uniformed officials will divert their service for the best interest of its people and the good of its country and not maintain their loyalty to whoever is in power—so that at the end of the day crime and violence will be not be out of control.

6. I hope for a highlight in EDUCATION and programs that will allow all Filipinos particularly less income sectors to send their kids to school so that they’ll learn how maximize their wits and talents—so that they’ll know all their rights and not be taken advantage of—so they can teach their parents what they learn in school—and so that someday we’ll have a better pool of leaders who’ll bring hope to the next generation.

7. I hope for more non-government volunteers to step out and fill in the inadequacy of those with titles to continuously bring hope to those in need especially during circumstances that hope and faith are dim.
8. I hope that the ONDOY/PEPENG tragedies as well as AMPATUAN Massacre serve as an eye opener for all Filipinos to consistently guard their rights to a garbage free community. (TRAPO)

9. I hope that each of us realize that this country will not move forward in the hands of the captain alone, hence, a working team would greatly impact progress.

10. I hope that all my hopes be shared and that in my mission to pay it forward I’ll leave a spot for my fellow to hope and dream for a better life not for themselves alone but for all other people.

May the year 2010 be as colorful as the fireworks launched at 00:00. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 … CROSS FINGERS. WISH. So help me God. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

A little respect would do.

My Friday afternoon routine was cut off by breaking news. “Our mother peacefully passed away at 3:18 a.m., Aug. 1, 2009, of cardio-respiratory arrest,” Senator Nonoy Aquino said. President Corazon Aquino died.

Suddenly a part of me shut off and absolute silence was dominating.

I wasn’t even born when the grand People Power come to pass and not even my second brother witnessed the murder of Ninoy. No member of my family became a part of what transpired in the 1986 revolution, and in fact, my growing up days was spent just beside the enemy lines.

I never came across with the exact details of EDSA1 nor am I aware of the excruciating terror of Marshall Law. I may not have witnessed the greatest political event in Philippine history but I know for sure that I’m living on its aftermath. Our life as Filipinos might have been totally different.

I couldn’t say I’m her biggest fan, but I am certainly a fan. I am not a fan of her political affairs but I am big fan of her political ideologies, not a fan of her credentials but a fan of her simplicity, not a fan of her bravery but a fan of her faith.

Manny Pacqauio is not alone.Yes, PACMAN gets people off the street, but Cory Aquino gathers a grand union back on the street—to commemorate her heroism and celebrate her life. True, Manny never fails to unite people during his boxing matches, so as the wife of Ninoy, the great Cory Aquino unites the nation in prayer.

In my pursuit to know a little more about a woman who introduced a non-violent revolution, I was amazed. The legacy that she left us is not at all the effects of freedom from dictatorship but the courage to consistently fight for democracy.

While democracy offers us total freedom of speech I felt totally dismayed as I came across a few comments from an online newspaper’s forum.

“noong nangyari ang EDSA 1 ay 33 yrs old ako at sumali ako sa rally... nasayang lamang ang pinaghirapan ng mga sumali doon dahil ang bansa natin ay ni-raped ng mga politiko kasama na ang mga kamaganakan ni Cory na nikisaw-saw sa politiko... Si Joma ay pinakawalan kaya lalong lumaki ang problema sa insurgency. na-neglected ang family birth control na inumpisahan ng previous administration dahil sa masyadon pagiging religious ni Cory kaya halos dumuble na ang populasyon ng pinas na karamihan ay mahihirap na pamilya ang dumami. Ang mga elite at oligarchs ay lalong naging powerful dahil napasakamay nila ang political power at hindi nawala ang cronyism kaya sila nalang ang nagtatamasa ng sarap at ang mga mahirap ay laong humirap ang buhay... lalong dumami ang mga pinoy na nagpapaalila sa mga foriegners na kadalasan ay pinagsasamantalahan ng mga employers ang iba naman ay susuong sa mga lugar na may gyera magkatrabho lamang para lang makakain ang pamilya. alin ang maganda na sinasabi mo doon na democracy kuno? mamamatay na lang lahat ang sumali sa EDSA 1 na yun na hindi makakakita ng inaasahan liwanag para sa bansa.....SAYANG NA SAYANG!!”

“DO NOT REWIND.” Said Fr. Jerry Orbos.

We can’t please everybody. How I wish they could have offered a prayer. Can’t we just thank the one person who sacrificed a private life for our liberty? Had she not took the courage to do what was done, can you imagine what kind of life we’ll be having now? If they say that not a single person took upon her ideologies, have they took upon themselves to exercise it? If they say EDSA I is useless because current events is again compromising our democracy, wouldn’t it be better to commemorate this event to remind these nation that there is hope? Just a little decency to not throw such issues at this time would do. If these people can’t respect the person that she was, a little more respect for her death is all that’s asked.

Lord, I pray that you enlighten this people to be thankful instead. Soften their hearts and free them from the horrors of history. Give them the will to forgive and forget.

As she helped Filipinos obtain freedom, it’s about time we grant her serenity, it’s also about time we free her from politics, and it’s about time we let her rest in peace.

Thank You Mrs. Aquino.
People Power Image from Cavaler Image Website.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

From the one who knows so well

Katz got a message that on this day, God wants her to know...
... that decision is only wishful thinking until you take that first irreversible step.

You can tell yourself that you have already decided, that nothing now can stop you, but if that step backwards is so much safer than step forwards, what will hold you true to your path when the going gets tough? Sometimes, the right thing to do is to take that first irreversible step, the one after which you cannot go back. And now, for you, is one of those times.

He sure knows what's going on.

At this point in life decisions are at its peak. You suffer a certain critical pressure up to your head down to the middle of your chest. You ignore it each time coz just a mere thought of it drives you nuts. I've been trying to make a stand for the last few months, yet, I realized it's still not enough. I was absolutely firm about the things that I want to do--and those that I don't even wanna think about. However, I've never really proven anything yet-- so YES, just another wishful thinking. I just say this and that, NO NO I want this, let me be the one. The thirst for liberty and independence gives me a stand but not a soulful decision. It's like moving out from a home and living on the street. I admit I already made a stand and I definitely know what I want, yet, I'm driven by a little force from the past. Telling the world what you're about to do is not the main act--justifying the act comes when you reach the point of no turning back.

Soon enough, when the time is right, I'll stop living on the street and make things worth while. It's also in God's time. Just one irreversible act. Then the end will justify the means.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to the Future

It's funny how my trip to IKEA made me an instant architect//interior designer. SNAP SNAP!

For me and my close friend Nikki, IKEA is Disneyland, some sort of Fantasialand. It's crazy, and people might have thought we're both idiots to actually feel each cubicle like our own: live and real. Who cares? We're in Disneyland! How do curtains and windows, beds and sheets, oven and stove unleash the kid in us? Simple, it brings out a certain feeling of hope. The beauty in hope, is the act of hoping itself. You dream. You begin to wonder the when, the how, with whom? You begin to see a life ahead. These furniture doesn't only make a good aesthetic view of houses, it doesn't symbolize a dreamhouse alone, but the dream to live in a home.

I'm neither good in architecture nor interior designing, but I'm good in dreaming. So let me share a dream... (nikki, you can't say you're gonna make something better than this. We only share a dream to live in a home, not a dream to live together.) SNAP SNAP!


What I truly Miss

Perhaps I've been too busy lately, that I'm missing so much how it feels to just shoot and relax. Photography has always been my exit from reality. It gives me a feel of the world and people I want to see. Now that I'm just too attached with numbers and letters, I might find precision to the only egress that always bring me to a better feel.