Monday, August 3, 2009

A little respect would do.

My Friday afternoon routine was cut off by breaking news. “Our mother peacefully passed away at 3:18 a.m., Aug. 1, 2009, of cardio-respiratory arrest,” Senator Nonoy Aquino said. President Corazon Aquino died.

Suddenly a part of me shut off and absolute silence was dominating.

I wasn’t even born when the grand People Power come to pass and not even my second brother witnessed the murder of Ninoy. No member of my family became a part of what transpired in the 1986 revolution, and in fact, my growing up days was spent just beside the enemy lines.

I never came across with the exact details of EDSA1 nor am I aware of the excruciating terror of Marshall Law. I may not have witnessed the greatest political event in Philippine history but I know for sure that I’m living on its aftermath. Our life as Filipinos might have been totally different.

I couldn’t say I’m her biggest fan, but I am certainly a fan. I am not a fan of her political affairs but I am big fan of her political ideologies, not a fan of her credentials but a fan of her simplicity, not a fan of her bravery but a fan of her faith.

Manny Pacqauio is not alone.Yes, PACMAN gets people off the street, but Cory Aquino gathers a grand union back on the street—to commemorate her heroism and celebrate her life. True, Manny never fails to unite people during his boxing matches, so as the wife of Ninoy, the great Cory Aquino unites the nation in prayer.

In my pursuit to know a little more about a woman who introduced a non-violent revolution, I was amazed. The legacy that she left us is not at all the effects of freedom from dictatorship but the courage to consistently fight for democracy.

While democracy offers us total freedom of speech I felt totally dismayed as I came across a few comments from an online newspaper’s forum.

“noong nangyari ang EDSA 1 ay 33 yrs old ako at sumali ako sa rally... nasayang lamang ang pinaghirapan ng mga sumali doon dahil ang bansa natin ay ni-raped ng mga politiko kasama na ang mga kamaganakan ni Cory na nikisaw-saw sa politiko... Si Joma ay pinakawalan kaya lalong lumaki ang problema sa insurgency. na-neglected ang family birth control na inumpisahan ng previous administration dahil sa masyadon pagiging religious ni Cory kaya halos dumuble na ang populasyon ng pinas na karamihan ay mahihirap na pamilya ang dumami. Ang mga elite at oligarchs ay lalong naging powerful dahil napasakamay nila ang political power at hindi nawala ang cronyism kaya sila nalang ang nagtatamasa ng sarap at ang mga mahirap ay laong humirap ang buhay... lalong dumami ang mga pinoy na nagpapaalila sa mga foriegners na kadalasan ay pinagsasamantalahan ng mga employers ang iba naman ay susuong sa mga lugar na may gyera magkatrabho lamang para lang makakain ang pamilya. alin ang maganda na sinasabi mo doon na democracy kuno? mamamatay na lang lahat ang sumali sa EDSA 1 na yun na hindi makakakita ng inaasahan liwanag para sa bansa.....SAYANG NA SAYANG!!”

“DO NOT REWIND.” Said Fr. Jerry Orbos.

We can’t please everybody. How I wish they could have offered a prayer. Can’t we just thank the one person who sacrificed a private life for our liberty? Had she not took the courage to do what was done, can you imagine what kind of life we’ll be having now? If they say that not a single person took upon her ideologies, have they took upon themselves to exercise it? If they say EDSA I is useless because current events is again compromising our democracy, wouldn’t it be better to commemorate this event to remind these nation that there is hope? Just a little decency to not throw such issues at this time would do. If these people can’t respect the person that she was, a little more respect for her death is all that’s asked.

Lord, I pray that you enlighten this people to be thankful instead. Soften their hearts and free them from the horrors of history. Give them the will to forgive and forget.

As she helped Filipinos obtain freedom, it’s about time we grant her serenity, it’s also about time we free her from politics, and it’s about time we let her rest in peace.

Thank You Mrs. Aquino.
People Power Image from Cavaler Image Website.


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